Big Island Off-Grid / Marine Electric & Refrigeration Service

DC / Propane Refrigeration Service
Danfoss Compressors
Sales / Service for:
Adler-Barbour, Dometic, FrigoBoat, Isotherm, Polarmate,
Norcold, NovaKool, SeaFrost, SunFrost, Sundanzer, Vitrifrigo, WAECO, etc

Tired of Fetching for and Burning Money on Propane for Refrigeration?
Ask About Converting your propane/$$ burner to DC/SolarPV Power TODAY

SOLAR-PV Panels, Regulators, Batteries, Inverters, Charging Systems, DC Air Conditioning
YES You CAN Live Comfortably Off The Grid!

Repair of Off Grid / Back Up Systems in Hawaii since 1990
ABYC / EPA Certified Tech
Refrigerant Recovery & Recycle Service

Call: 808-754-2082 for info / service

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